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  • Hazardous Storage Emergency Spill Containment
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Sizes 6" thru 240"
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Golden Harvest Gates can be used in a myriad of water control applications including:

Golden Harvest Gates

Golden Harvest has been furnishing aluminum and stainless steel sluice gates for use in water control since 1983. Each Golden Gate is designed with specific features and characteristics, to meet the particular application. The basic design can be adapted to suit the exact requirements of the application in terms of size, shape, and strength. Flow-Technics sales engineers can help you select the best gates suited for your application. Call (815) 277-2600 and ask for a technical sales engineer.

  • Flood Control and Drainage Systems
  • Power Generating Facilities-Influent & Effluent
  • Industrial Plant Liquid Waste Handling Facilities 


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